Some of the training facilitated by CYFS includes, but is not limited to:

Interpersonal Skills Coaching
Address such issues as succession planning, career development strategies and managerial effectiveness.

Time/Project Management
Test your time management and/or project management skills and practice better techniques.

Communication Skills
Test conversation and listening skills and develop better techniques.

Leadership Challenge
Designed to help managers reflect on his/her leadership practices and create plans to improve current behavior to facilitate self-awareness.

Effective Teams
Working to create positive change need training and nurturing so that they are effective in their efforts.

Balancing Work & Home
Learn methods for thriving on the home front and at the office.

Supervisor Training
Results are what you want...Consequences are what you get!

Personalities & Diversity
Identify and maximize your strengths and weaknesses while learning to compensate for weaknesses.

Team Games
Fun for the whole family!

Executive/Life Coaching
Learn how to balance competing interests to keep your life (personal and professional) on track.

Instructional Design
Personalized solutions to fit your human resource training needs.


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